How Specialty Doors Got Started – Chapter 1, Ladders

Specialty Doors started in 1996.

It the result of me losing a job with a door service company. I was a sales manager.

I got a contractors license and decided to start my own company with what I had learned, primarily from my previous employer.

I grabbed a guy that I knew from from my old company, who was a good technician, a good mechanic, a “get it done” guy.

We formed an agreement. I’ll bring it in. You’ll get it done.

That was our initial partnership and the two of us set off to be rich and famous.

I remember the first job we got was to change out a bearing in a roll up door.

We were all excited. This was like a $150 job. It was our first day.

We found somebody that needed us and we could provide a service.

Then we realized that we didn’t have a ladder.

So then, after spending about $300 at Home Depot to get a couple of ladders, our first job hit the negative $250.

But now we had ladders and we were ready to roll.