How To Tell Door Handedness

Is It A Right Hand or Left Hand Door?

Left Hand – Hinges on the left, opens inward.

Left Hand Reverse – Hinges on the left, opens outward.

Right Hand – Hinges on the right, opens inward.

Right Hand Reverse – Hinges on the right, opens outward.

What is a Left Reverse door and a Right Reverse door?

Some people say that Left Hand Reverse and Right Hand are the same but technically they’re not because of the location of the hinges either on the interior or exterior of the opening.

For hinges on exterior or interior, if you look at the top image, the door on the top left that is labeled Left has the hinges on the interior while the door on the bottom left that is labeled Right has hinges on the exterior side.

You can see it if you look at where the door is attached to the jamb.

It’s pretty weird.

Latch Handedness

For hinges, it’s either left handed or right handed, but for latches, you use left, right, left reverse, or right reverse, because that tells you where to put the strike and how to prep the door and attach the handle.