Library Ladders

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Specialty Doors is offering the most amazing modern, stainless steel library ladders on the market.

Our stainless steel ladders are made under the skilled hands of German Artisans and will provide your home or work area with a creative and functional ladder that you won’t find anywhere else.

Choose from a variety of styles and sizes of rolling library ladders for the home or office that stay on track when turning corners and can be conveniently tucked away when not in use.

We have a solution for everything you could possibly need or want from a ladder in your office or living space.

Put one in your large, walk in closet, with shelves stacked tall with your clothing and accessories.

We have ladders that go around corners, ladders that retract up against the wall, ladders for every use.

Our library ladders on wheels provide a convenient solution to accessing those high up storage spaces and allow you to utilize all that extra room that is out of reach.

Our sliding ladders are also very popular for loft spaces and wine cellars as they offer a chic solution to common storage problems.

The typical cost for a library ladder with 8′ of rail and a ladder height of 8′ is approximately $3200 delivered.