Standard Barn Door Hardware
Standard Barn Door Hardware
Standard Barn Door Hardware
Standard Barn Door Hardware
Spoked Barn Door Hardware
Spoked Barn Door Hardware
Spoked Barn Door Hardware
Spoked Barn Door Hardware
Stainless Steel Sliding Door Hardware
Stainless Steel Sliding Door Hardware
Stainless Steel Sliding Door Hardware
Stainless Steel Sliding Door Hardware
Tubular Sliding Door Hardware
Tubular Sliding Door Hardware
Tubular Sliding Door Hardware
Tubular Sliding Door Hardware

Barn Door Hardware

Specialty Doors is the original source for all your sliding door hardware and barn door hardware.

Our goal since 1996 has been to provide expert guidance and quality material so that your project is perfect the first time.

All of our hardware is made in the USA or Europe and our scope covers closet doors to hangar doors.

We have earned the reputation as the company that can handle any hardware requirement that slides, folds, curves or stacks.

Let our experts help you make the right choice by calling 866-815-8151

What Type Barn Door Hardware Are You Looking For?


Standard Flat track


This looks rustic, like the original barn door hardware that they used on barn doors 100 years ago.

It’s right at home in a rustic setting, but can also be used to set off a contemporary surrounding.

From Steam Punk to contemporary to eclectic, this barn door hardware style works almost anywhere.

The track is flat steel, which is why they call it “flat track”.

The hangers, or trolleys, come in many styles and can have almost any finish.

It’s inexpensive to moderately priced, based on finish and style of trolley.


Stainless Steel Sliding Door Hardware


This German made contemporary stainless steel hardware is the top of the line, the best you can get.

Its contemporary styling and precision manufacturing methods are perfect for the executive office or the modern loft.

Each piece is machined from solid stainless steel by German craftsmen and they look like it. They move like a fine watch.

These are made in the same country that gave us Porsche and Mercedes Benz.

Because these are the best available, they also have the highest cost.


Tubular Track


If you want to the look of the best stainless steel sliding door hardware, but don’t want the expense, this American made sliding door hardware is a good option.

The track is not solid. It’s a rectangular tube, so it’s called “tubular track”.

The trolleys are machined stainless steel. They come in various styles and finishes.

The latest finishes include black anodized and bamboo (Yes. Bamboo!).

This type of sliding door hardware is moderately priced.


Spoked and Horseshoe


Spoked and Horseshoe barn door hardware is variation on the Standard Flat Track.

They can work anywhere that the standard flat track can, rustic to contemporary.

The track is the same, but the trolleys, or hangers, have more design to them.

The rollers can have spokes instead of having a solid center. These rollers can be small or large.

They can have horseshoe hanger, which is a very rustic design.

Instead of one strap, these have a curved strap that attaches in two places.

You can have both a horseshoe style strap with a spoked roller.

These are moderately priced, but very similar to the standard flat track.




Same as the standard flat track, but with a hammered finish to make them look very rustic.

The trolley material, as well as the track, has the hammer marks and look hand made.

These would look good in a castle, or a cabin, as well as a contemporary setting.

Multiple finishes are available.

If you want something different, this is the barn door hardware you want.

These are moderately priced.




Same as the standard flat track, but, yes, the track is curved.

These have been used to hang display panels for art galleries, to hang computer monitors above desks in corners, or to move sliding doors out of the way in limited space.

These can be inexpensive to moderate to expensive, depending on the specific hardware, finish and application.




If you have a specific application that you can’t find a hardware solution to, we can have almost anything custom made.

Custom hanger shapes? Different finishes? Strange architectural problem?

We have been involved with aircraft hangar doors, sound proof stage doors, “elephant doors”, acoustic issues, security issues, size issues, and some very interesting and different solutions.

We can help solve almost anything involved with barn doors or sliding doors.

If you can’t solve it anywhere else, call us and we’ll figure it out for you.

Specialty Door Hardware

Here at Specialty Door Hardware we have the largest selection of barn door and sliding door hardware.

We also provide a wide range of accessories for a barn door track system.

We are proud to offer over 20 different manufacturers.

This gives us the widest product selection to service all and any needs of your design and home improvement needs.

From the simplest closet door hardware to airplane hangar doors, we have just the barn door you’re looking for.

All of our hardware is the finest quality and is either made in the USA or Europe.