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What Do I Need To Mount The Door In The Ceiling Or Wall?

Technically it depends on the weight of the door.

For most interior applications, the door is going to be less than 200 pounds or so.

Usually you can put a 1 by or a 2 by up along the face of the wall, behind the track, on the room side of the wall, in between the wall and the track, where you mount it and that will support it.

If you don’t mind cutting a hole in your drywall, or pulling your drywall out, you can go up and install blocking in between the studs of your wall. Continue reading

What Can Box Track Be Used For?

Image_147Box track can be used for bi passing, bi parting, folding.

Pretty much any type of application, you can use Box track with it.

It’s not exposed. You see the box, but you don’t see the roller on the track.

It’s very versatile.

We have box track that will handle huge amounts of weight, 5000 pounds.

It’s more of a commercial product I would say. High cycling. Automation as well.

If you wanted to automate the door, you would probably want to go with box track.

Can I Use Flat Track For Bi Passing Doors?

We really discourage it.

scan0001-1It’s possible, but the results are usually not satisfactory.

It’s not as safe as box track and flat track doesn’t really work right for bi-passing doors.

It’s difficult to hang on the wall.

It’s not made or designed to do bipassing, so you have to turn one set of rollers backwards.

It doesn’t look right.

If you ask us for bipassing, we’ll tell you to use box track. Continue reading

What Can Flat Track Be Used For?

3063 Large Flat Strap HangerFlat track is all about the design. It’s all about the look.

Usually it’s for smaller doors.

It’s a design thing more than a function thing.

It just looks nicer.

You want to do a sliding door, but you don’t want to hide it.

You don’t want box track.

You want some kind of design feature or art.

It’s a more visual thing. It’s more show than go.

What Kind Of Fasteners Come With My Sliding Door Hardware?

bi-134-w-d1 For most of the sliding door hardware, you’re going to get two packages.

The track comes in a long tube that generally just has the track in it.

Then you’ll get a second box that has the sliding door hardware.

It will have the rollers and the brackets and all that sliding door hardware in there.

For the stainless steel sliding door hardware, for the MWE sliding door hardware or the tubular track, that will come with the track length that is double the width of your door.

You’ll get the spacers that project your track off the wall.

You’ll get lag bolts that you use to attach your track to your wall.

You’ll get one pair of rollers per panel that you have. Continue reading

Which Type Of Sliding Door Hardware Is Cheaper?

stainless_steelBox track typically.

It’s usually less money, even though it holds more weight.

Flat track or any of the exposed ones are designed to be exposed.

They’re designed to be seen.

It’s more of a showcase thing, so it’s more expensive.

Can I Use Glass For A Sliding Door?

Yes. There are a lot of options and some limitations to be aware of.

Standard Flat Track On Glass Panels
Standard Flat Track On Glass Panels

Most of the sliding door hardware requires some type of bolt, which requires holes in the glass.

We’ll supply a bolt that you can give to your grazier, so that they can put the holes in the right place.

The hangers have to accept glass, which is usually thinner.

If you are going to use flat track, we don’t have the right fasteners for that.

You’ll have to get them on your own. You can get them from Lowes or Home Depot, or pretty much any sliding door hardware store.

You just need a shorter carriage bolt and you’ll have to put some sort of grommet inside the hole.

That way the metal bolt isn’t touching the glass where it goes through the door, because that will eventually chip it. Continue reading

Is Installing A Sliding Door As Easy To Install As A Swing Door?

leatherneck office2
It’s easier to install a sliding door than a swing door.

There’s a lot more on a swinging door that could go wrong than on a sliding door.

With a swing door, the door has to fit right in the opening.

You have to worry about hinge placement, whether you’ve got mortised or surface mounted hinges and you could vary the width of your door.

You have to worry about strike plates and your latches.

You have to worry about the door hitting the stop.

Then it has to fit squarely into the opening.

A lot of time you’ll have a wall or an opening that isn’t perfectly square. Continue reading

How Much Does Sliding Door Hardware Cost? How Can I Get It Cheaper?

broken You get what you pay for.

It costs anywhere from 100 dollars to 3500 dollars depending on what style of sliding door hardware, the length of the track and how many panels you need.

The owner of our company has gone around and found the highest quality sliding door hardware that he could find.

The standard flat track, the exposed track, is the least expensive.

We do have some sale sliding door hardware on German sliding door hardware that comes in kits. Continue reading