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Can I Get The Same Products Cheaper Somewhere Else?

No. We guarantee the lowest price.

If you find a competitor with a lower price and you come back to us, we will beat their price.

We are the largest distributor in the United States of MWE sliding door hardware.

We have the best cost from the manufacturer and we pass that on.

Because we buy so much from them, we get a really good deal on the sliding door hardware.

We are the biggest sales distributor for their sliding door hardware, so we sell a higher quantity, they gives us a better rate, and we pass that on to you.

You can get similar products with less quality cheaper somewhere else, but we don’t sell poor quality products.

What Kind Of A Seal Does A Sliding Door Have Against The Wall?

Typically, they don’t have any seal.

They just slide on the face.

If you want to make it air tight, you’ll have to add something to the door or to the wall so that when it’s shut, it seals.

Basically what we normally recommend is just a door sweep, something that goes along the bottom of a swing door and seals between the floor and the bottom of the door. Continue reading

Can I Install It Myself, DIY Style, Or Do I Need A Contractor?

It depends on how handy you are. It doesn’t always require a contractor.

If you’re handy, it’s usually possible to do.

It also depends on what sliding door hardware your choosing.

They do come with installation instructions.

If you’ve ever installed a door before, or if you have built the shed that’s out back or something, if you’ve built sliding door hardware before, you can probably hang a sliding door.

I’ve done it before, and if I can do it… Continue reading

How Well Do Sliding Doors Stop Sound?

037It depends on the application and what the door is made out of.

If you want to block as much sound as possible, you need to use a solid core door.

A solid door is going to block more sound than a hollow one.

If you really want to block as much sound as possible, you’ll want a 5 or 6 inch overlap on each side.

The more overlap you have, the better the it’s going to be acoustically.

Put weather stripping around the perimeter of the door.

If you seal the opening air tight, it’s going to have better acoustical value as well.

It’s probably not as good as a swinging door, but it’s all about the overlap and the seal.

Where Is Specialty Doors Located? Can I See Products In Your Showroom?

map We’re located at 228 Nevada Street in El Segundo, CA, right by LAX.

We have the sliding door hardware here for you to put your hands on and look at.

We have people in the office from 7am to about 5pm that would be more than happy to show you around and let you check out all the different sliding door hardware that we have.

We don’t have any other showrooms, other than the one in Los Angeles.

We have pictures and catalogs on our web site that you can check out. Continue reading

How Much Does Sliding Door Hardware Cost?

spider_04_referenceThe biggest factor on what drives up the cost of sliding door hardware is the material that it’s made of.

At the top of the list is stainless steel which requires specialized tools to machine and to work with, and it’s also the material is expensive itself. Continue reading