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Shut The Barn Door

People are looking for interesting new ways to define the spaces in their homes, while saving space.

We’ve talked to so many people who need a door for access between rooms, but want something different than a swinging door.

We understand the problem they are facing and have the solution.

It’s the same solution that Lancaster Online explains in a recent article, the trend on using sliding barn boors on the interior of houses.

A sliding door, or a barn door, seems to have become quite the hip interior design touch in the last few years.

They explain different options and price points, types and finishes.

It’s not a short article and it’s filled with good information.

Click the link below to read the entire article.

Jesse Pellman, a partner in LongView Structures of Manheim, says his company has gotten an increasing number of requests for the sliding interior doors over past few years.

Read the entire article at:–Shut-the-barn-door.html?page=all

Large Acoustical Sliding Doors

Large acoustical sliding doors are sometime called “Stage Doors” or “Elephant Doors”.

These are used when a swinging hinged door is not practical because of its size, but the sound needs to be controlled.

We have sold these systems all over the world and continue to do regular quoting.

It has become apparent that there are limited sources for these systems.

the vast majority are electrically operated due to their size.

The most common sizes run around 18′ x 20′ or higher.

Our Sound Transmission Class (STC) is around 53, which is excellent performance on this job.

Being located in Southern California, the movie capitol of the world, we were a natural to supply the studios with what the industry calls “Elephant Doors”.

To date, we have supplied acoustical sliding doors to all the major studios, including Disney Studios, Warner Brothers, Culver Studios, and Manhattan Studios.

One of the reasons for our world wide success with acoustical sliding doors is how the operator and door panels are engineered to work as an integrated system.

The electric operator drives a roller chain that is concealed in the track, so no visible chain or cable is exposed.

Our panels are shipped in 4 to 5 foot widths so they are easier to handle and install at the site.

Each panel has it’s own trolley and when they are all hung they are bolted together to operate as a single element.

The larger the sliding door, the better for us.

30′ to 40′ high is not out of our scope of work.

We also provide constant pressure key switches, relays, safety edges, or any other control required.

The sounds test we have preformed at the job site have exceeded our expectations and in some cases, tested higher than in the lab.

Years ago, sound stages used doors made up of 8″ of concrete and 4″ of instaquilt.

These were extremely heavy and if a problem occurred, even a forklift would not move the door.

Our style test better acoustically than concrete doors did and if there is a power failure, then can be manually operated with little effort.

We often supply acoustical swinging doors with frames, hinges, and gaskets to complete a sound door requirement for our customers.

The sound rating we achieve is 53 STC with a 1 3/4″ door panel and frame.

We have also provided curved or radius hardware in both manual and electrical operation.

We have come to be known as the company that can do anything that slides.

Choosing Sliding Closet Doors

Consider the mechanism, the material, and the style when choosing sliding closet doors.

The simplest mechanism is the bypass sliding door. The doors are suspended from an overhead track. They are kept in place with a locator track on the bottom.

There are normally two tracks, next to each other. They allow half of the width of the sliding doors to be opened at any one time.

To provide a wider opening, three tracks can be used. Each section of three doors can be slid next to each other, so that two-thirds can be opened at any one time.

The alternative mechanism is the sliding folding door.

This consists of a number of vertical door panels, which are hinged to each other. Each is suspended at the top from an overhead track.

They can then be opened with pairs of doors folding into the room.

This type of mechanism is rather more complicated and has more possibility to fail. It has the advantage that the whole width can be opened up at the same time.


There are three main kinds of sliding doors:

  • Sliding Closet Doors
  • Internal Sliding Doors
  • External Sliding Doors.

In all cases the sliding door may be made up of panels which slide next to or in front of each other. Those are called “bypass doors.” The sliding doors may have a folding construction. Each panel is hinged to the next, so that the door can fold up.

Sliding Doors

A Sliding Door may be used as an individual internal door or as a room divider.

A Sliding Door may also be used on the exterior of a building.

The most critical part of the sliding door hardware is the sliding door track.

This needs to be able to carry the required weight. The sliding door hardware track may be single, dual, or triple.

Special door hardware, including sliding door handles, is needed for sliding doors.

Sliding doors may be a sliding folding door.

The advantage of a sliding folding door is opening the whole side of a room to the outside.

Sliding doors are usually made of wood, but glass doors are also available.