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Specialty Doors on Set: Installations at Sony Studios and More

Specialty Doors is gaining a lot of experience and visibility in the commercial design world, and especially within the entertainment industry. From the installation of soundproof accordion doors at the Albuquerque Sound Stage to the big installation done at Sony Studios in Culver City, there are a growing number of locations where our doors are featured within the entertainment industry. These doors are popular in residential design and other projects, but these bigger jobs offer something totally unique.

Specialty doors like accordion folding doors and sliding doors are great for many of the commercial jobs that seek out our unique styles and selection. With the customization options and vast collection of sliding door hardware that is available, everyone can get the perfect look for any space. Big jobs like this call for big hardware, which is why we have a full inventory of sliding barn door hardware, accessories, track, and other necessities for all door installations, no matter how big or small.

Other Featured Pieces

At Specialty Doors, we have a commitment to providing everyone with the best designs for any space, including commercial installations in the entertainment industry. We install a lot of sliding door hardware and elephant doors at studios like Warner Brothers, Disney, Skywalker Ranch, and Universal Studios. These stages require special doors and hardware solutions in many different areas, including on and off set to help make access around the studio ideal for everyone.

Our sliding barn door hardware and other hardware products have also been featured on many movie sets, DIY shows, and even on an episode of Oprah where space saving designs was the topic of discussion. We do a lot of installations in funeral homes, churches, and hotels, as well. Basically, if there is a need for a specialty door, we can fill it. Accordion doors are often found in funeral homes and churches, while the sliding elephant door is the one that is preferred by movie studios and other entertainment venues.

Beyond Residential Design

Specialty Doors was founded to provide unique door solutions to people, along with custom sliding barn door hardware and other additional accessories. While most of our products are more popular in residential design, there is a growing demand for specialty door solutions in the commercial world. Architects, designers, studio owners, and others all seek out the best doors for their needs, and often find themselves choosing Specialty Doors because of the unique selection, customization options, and creative concepts that we incorporate into every design.

From basic sliding door hardware to be featured in a movie to big installations that make studios more functional, there is plenty to see in our collection of projects. The chance to get unique doors that fit the space in question is not something that you can get from just any door company, and that’s why we pride ourselves on what we do and what we offer.

Barn door hardware and other sliding door hardware products are all designed to give the perfect look. The customization options that can be added to these specialty doors and accessories make it even easier for everyone to get the perfect look for any space.

While many companies focus on residential design and installation, at Specialty Doors we know the importance of branching out and reaching our entire audience with our inventory of products. We provide custom options for a variety of different locations and types of businesses, and our commercial design collection continues to grow as a result. Any business or commercial space that needs a unique solution like specialty doors and sliding door hardware will be surprised at just how easy it is to find the best doors for any space.

The “S” Factor: Specialty Doors, Superior Service, and Staying Ahead of the Curve

Specialty Doors has always been committed to providing top-rate service to our customers. In fact, the custom doors and sliding door hardware that we sell are a product of our desire to serve clients with unique needs for doors and the related hardware. We are always looking for ways to stand out above the competition and that always starts with superior service and unique, high-quality solutions for every single customer.

Library ladder hardware, sliding door hardware, and other specialty hardware and accessories are easy to find when you choose to work with the team at Specialty Doors. We know all about doors and hardware, library ladders, accordion doors, elephant doors, and everything in between. We’re experts and want to help our clients become familiar with the industry, as well. We aren’t just here to sell doors. We’re here to serve people who have unique design needs and want a high-end look that is unlike anything else.

Specialty doors knows that customer service means that in addition to providing the best sliding door hardware and accessories, we need to focus on helping clients get what they want. All of our products can be custom made-to-order, allowing every single product that we sell to fit into the design theme of any space.

We serve residential and commercial customers alike, providing specialty door solutions and library ladder hardware to contractors, architects, homeowners, designers, and even to movie studios and sound stages around the country. Sliding door hardware and custom doors are great for sound studios and movie studios alike, offering features like acoustics and soundproofing, custom sizing for big projects like the studio elephant door, and more.

At Specialty Doors, we know that our business goes beyond custom doors and sliding door hardware. We have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that we can provide every customer with the perfect door solutions, no matter what they have in mind. When you are investing in high-end products like custom doors and hardware, service is what makes all the difference and that is precisely how we stay ahead of the curve in this industry.

Give New Meaning to “Handy Christmas Gifts”

Give New Meaning to “Handy Christmas Gifts

More than just Specialty Doors

Everyone wants to find the perfect gift for their friends and family this time of the year; the trick is finding that blend of style and practicality. At Specialty Doors, we know nothing else! We have numerous models of doors, door handles, and door pulls for you to select from. Everything from the sleek stiletto handles and door pulls, to old fashioned door latches and bow levers. These handles make for a great gift, adding a touch of elegance to a home.

High tech and low tech handles

To say our collection is varied is an understatement. On the high end we have an innovative code system handle, armed with a digit personal code. And on the opposite side of the spectrum we have functional and simple-looking levers, handles, and pulls. To browse the entirely of our selection, visit our website: Specialty Doors & Hardware.

Building your Recording Studio

A Swinging Acoustical Door

At the Entrance: A Swinging Acoustical Door

When you are trying to achieve that perfect melody, the synchronous blend of sound that melds the instruments and voices together, you need to have every detail picked out perfectly. From the tuning of the guitars, to the pitch of the singing, everything must be just so, in order for pure musical brilliance to occur.

Specialty Doors

We here are Specialty Doors are all too aware of the importance of a good door. A recording studio must have the right acoustics to draw forth the desired sound, and keeping out ambient noise is all part of that process. To achieve the musical excellence you’ve always dreamed of, get the door to complete the setting, with the help of the experts at Specialty Doors.