Bow Handles

Katonah Barn Door Handle – Starting at $195

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Stainless Steel Bow Handle
Stainless Steel Bow Handle
Black Barn Door Hanle Katonah Barn Door Handle

The Katonah Barn Door Handle is cast and welded in metal of recycled iron and aluminum.
Katonah Barn Door Handle
Each piece is hand finished.

The basic finishes are in colors of matte brown and matte black and they offer substantial resistance to scratches and abrasion.

These colors are applied in a high tech, environmentally friendly facility using automated lines to thoroughly clean and prepare the metal pieces for this baked-on, powder coated finish.

The result is a very durable and consistent finish.

Using the baked-on basic finish as a base coat, the hand-applied special finishes may then be applied to only the finial, or to the whole rod, brackets and rings.

Always use extra care in handling for any special finish product, as only the solid black and solid brown colors are baked on.

0071.00001 Bow Handle
Part #: 0071.00001 Bow Handle (6 1/2″ Long)
$12.00 each
Part #: 0071.00002 Bow Handle (7 3/8″ Long)
$14.00 each
Steel Construction
Finish: Painted.
No fasteners included
0081.00001 Bow Handle
Part #: 0081.00001 Bow Handle (6 3/8″ Long)
$29.00 each
Part #: 0081.00002 Bow Handle (8″ Long)
$30.00 each
Construction of malleable iron.
Finish: Painted
Fasteners included.

0191.00001 Bow Handle
Part #: 0191.00001 Bow Handle
$75.00 each
Constructed of malleable iron.
Size: 15″ long
Finish: Painted.
No fasteners included.

3009 Bow Handle 3009 Bow Handle
Part #:3009 Bow Handle
$45.00 each
Size: 10″ long
Fasteners included.