Wireless Electronic Locking Handle

Wireless Electronic Locking Handlee

Valli & Valli bring the comfort to your privacy, creating your own access to the door!

Wireless Electronic Locking HandleInnovative code system handle. Door always closed from the outside, without any need for keys or locks. Access is permitted only with a digit personal code.

Practical and simple solution for offices, restaurants, personal archives, private office and other private spaces. Ideal for child security and protection from dangerous areas.


  • A system to use for interior doors only
  • Products is patented
  • Material: brushed stainless steel and satin chrome zinc alloy for neutral and versatile aesthetic that is compatible with any space
  • Powered by two lithium batteries inserted in the handle itself. Power will allow for approximately 100.000 openings. The system guarantees no memory loss in case of loss of power or during battery change
  • Easy assembly: it does not require any wiring or special connections
  • Includes special acoustic and optical alarm systems for easy and secure usage
  • Available for both right and left opening, please specify
  • No need for a Locksmith to change the lock
  • No Building Maintenance necessary
  • Need to change only the code

How It Works
Contemporary Electronic Handle

  • The locking mechanism is operated with five buttons
  • Four buttons to press a four-to six digits code to unlock and one button to lock
  • Green lights flashes and a sound is heard when the buttons are pressed for unlocking
  • Red light flashes and a sound is heard when locking.
  • Administration code and user code is programmed at installation, Can be changed unlimitedly
  • Unique reset function (patent pending)
  • If wrong code is pressed five times the handle is blocked for three minutes
  • Free swing from the outside when locked, always possible to open with the handle from the inside.
  • Indication for battery change
  • The code is constant at voltage drop or battery change
  • Batteries included
  • Instructions on how to program are included in box

Door Handle Without Code

  • Right-handed or Left-handed
  • Same handle available through-out the building and home, Dummy function not available
  • Coordinated accessories