Our Products

We offer high quality products that are not available at any “big box” store.

These include custom and standard barn door hardware, accordion doors, sliding door hardware, exposed stainless steel door hardware, glass door hardware, folding doors, acoustical doors, door handles, stainless steel ladders, and even exotic doors like bookcase doors.

If you have any application that slides, we can usually assist. From simple closet door hardware to hangar doors, we have your solution.

Our company is staffed by door experts and technicians. We are not a shopping cart style business.

Our interest is to work closely with our customers and make sure your order is correct the first time.

Our offices are located in El Segundo, CA, just South of the LAX airport.

We welcome folks to drop in and see our showroom of unique products.

For those who can’t drop in, give us a cal and one of our friendly staff members will give you all the help and attention you need.

Our History

Specialty Doors started as a local door installation company, like many others, in 1996 by a group of seasoned door professionals.

We soon discovered that people had specialized door applications that were difficult for local companies to find and install correctly.

Because of our experience in the door industry, it was easy for us to find solutions for those special needs people had.

As we became experts in the unusual and unique; barn doors, accordion doors, and other specialized applications, we used the Internet and this web site to connect to customers worldwide.

As we got better, our product line expanded, and we gained experience in more unique and different applications, which brought more and more satisfied customers.

Our Products

Today, if you want something special, or different, or unusual, if you’re looking for quality and not crap, we can help.

Our product line incudes barn door hardware, accordion doors, and sliding doors of all kinds. Look at our web site to see how deep our product line is.

We specialize in specialized applications. “Custom” is our “Standard”.

Our products are not the cheapest, but we can get them to you at a lower cost than anyone else.

Our products are the best quality. You can get the cheap stuff somewhere else.

Our Customer Service

Our customer service is the best also.

While everyone can help you with a standard door from Home Depot, it’s hard to find experts on specialized door products like these.

We are dedicated to those hard to find, and even harder to get expert support on, unique hardware accessories.

We can specifically answer those hardware questions that are difficult to get experienced guidance on.

Selecting the right product for your application and supporting you through the process separates us from the rest.

Our Promises

We will help you with proper technical details you need and provide you with the right material at a reduced price.

We will provide fast, friendly, “old fashioned” service on a one to one basis.

We will welcome anyone to call us, or email us with any types of door questions.

We will answer any question about doors or door hardware including interior doors, glass doors, sliding doors, folding doors, acoustical doors, traffic doors and even exotic custom doors like bookcase doors.

If we can’t help you with our products, we will tell you who can.

We guarantee everything we sell for 20 years.

We will have the lowest price for any specific product we sell.

We will give you fast friendly service, real help, right now, the old fashion way.