How Well Do Sliding Doors Stop Sound?

037It depends on the application and what the door is made out of.

If you want to block as much sound as possible, you need to use a solid core door.

A solid door is going to block more sound than a hollow one.

If you really want to block as much sound as possible, you’ll want a 5 or 6 inch overlap on each side.

The more overlap you have, the better the it’s going to be acoustically.

Put weather stripping around the perimeter of the door.

If you seal the opening air tight, it’s going to have better acoustical value as well.

It’s probably not as good as a swinging door, but it’s all about the overlap and the seal.

Where Is Specialty Doors Located? Can I See Products In Your Showroom?

map We’re located at 228 Nevada Street in El Segundo, CA, right by LAX.

We have the sliding door hardware here for you to put your hands on and look at.

We have people in the office from 7am to about 5pm that would be more than happy to show you around and let you check out all the different sliding door hardware that we have.

We don’t have any other showrooms, other than the one in Los Angeles.

We have pictures and catalogs on our web site that you can check out. Continue reading

How Much Does Sliding Door Hardware Cost?

spider_04_referenceThe biggest factor on what drives up the cost of sliding door hardware is the material that it’s made of.

At the top of the list is stainless steel which requires specialized tools to machine and to work with, and it’s also the material is expensive itself. Continue reading

Sliding Interior Doors: What’s Old Is New Again

Sliding Interior Doors

At the turn of the century, many new homes included pocket doors. These homes had 10′- or 12′-high ceilings in a formal dining area that were usually partitioned off with bi-parting doors that slid from recessed pockets. Many still exist today, mostly in the Midwest and Eastern states. It was a simple way of isolating a space for privacy or a special event.

Needless to say, when the hardware on those doors went bad or needed repair or adjustment, serious problems surfaced. Often, the only solution was to remove the entire wall from one side or knock a few holes in the wall—in other words, major construction.

Enter Barn Door Hardware

Surface-mounting the sliding door hardware has become increasingly popular over the last couple of decades. Commonly referred to as “barn door hardware,” this approach puts the door and the hardware on the face of the wall instead of buried in a pocket. The major reason designers and architects are surface-mounting hardware today is that several manufacturers from the U.S. and Europe have created incredibly unique and iconic styles. Customers sometimes refer to it as “jewelry” for their doors.

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Why We Don’t Show Prices

We often receive emails from interested parties asking us why we don’t show our prices online.

A very good question. the answer is simple. We are not a “shopping cart” outfit. We have a team of experienced door and hardware professionals that are here to walk you through every step so you get it right the first time.

A good portion of our business is from customers that ordered online shopping cart style. On several occasions what was ordered has to be returned or trashed because it was the wrong product for the job.

We find that even door companies are not that familiar with sliding door hardware and they insist on talking to an expert before placing an order.

The easy way out for any company is to build a shopping cart site and process the orders without helping the customer.

If the customer makes a mistake, they are on their own; they eat it.

We want to walk you through, step-by-step, so every detail is covered.

Our team of professionals cover the phones from 7 AM to 7 PM Pacific. This is a costly expense vs a shopping cart. However, we still Guarantee The Lowest Price.

Our best advice is: Don’t take a chance on getting it wrong.

Talk to an expert.

Get it right the first time.

3063 Large Flat Strap Hanger
3063 Large Flat Strap Hanger

Door Handles by A Little Accent

Need some inspiration?

So you’ve decided to go with a sliding barn door to save space, or because you like the look, or both. Now you’re wondering what you should do with that hardware and with the rest of your house. Well, Here is a great blog about one woman’s journey through that same dilemma. She goes by the name The Pioneer Woman, and just might have the inspiration you’re looking for. Check out her entire blog Here.

In reference to the problem she encountered with the bottom of the doors, we have a solution at the bottom of This page.