Frequently Asked Questions

Specialty Doors

Q: Who says “You’re the Experts”?
A: Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in this field.
Q: What should I do when I get my delivery?
A: Check your material immediately. Shortages need to be addressed within 48 hours of delivery.
Q: What if there is a problem with what I order?
A: We stand behind everything we sell. We offer money back guarantee and 100% satisfaction.
Q: What’s my guarantee?
A: Our guarantee is for 20 years from the date of purchase, on all of the products, all of the time.
Q: Can I return custom made items?
A: Doors that are custom made and are not re-stockable, please review the measures, if modifications are necessary, you must advise us within 24 hours.
Q: What is your return goods policy?
A: Requests in writing for RGA must be made to our Customer Support Department within 30 days of the material shipments from manufacturer.We will determine the eligibility to return any material and will notify the requestor within 5 days upon receipt of written request.Any material returned or disposed of without the proper authorization by us will be refused and no credit will be issued.

Return goods must be shipped freight prepaid at the requestor’s expense within 15 days of receipt of written authorization.

The requestor must determine the carrier. All material returned must be received in original packaging.

Credit will be given on returned material only after ceipt and inspection. The RGA form must accompany all returned material.

Credit for all authorized returns are subject to a 30% restocking charge on the net acceptable material value. Any custom made items may not be returned.

Q: What if my shipment is damaged in transit?
A: All packing is in accordance with carrier requirements.For your protection, before accepting any shipment, examine it carefully. If there is evidence of damage or a shortage, insist that the delivering carrier make suitable notation to that effect on the freight bill before you sign it.If, after receipt of shipment, concealed damage is discovered, immediately notify the delivering carrier, requesting immediate inspection. The inspection report should be used to support your claim against the carrier.

Any claim for damage or shortage must be filed by you with your delivering carrier.

We will not accept the return of merchandise damaged in transit. Your recourse is with the delivering carrier. Freight claim filing is your responsibility.

Caution: When you give the delivering carrier a clear receipt for a shipment in which there is damaged merchandise or a shortage, the carrier is relieved of further responsibility.

Barn Door Hardware

Q: Where does this hardware come from?
A: A variety of established hardware manufacturers throughout the world.
Q: What are shipping charges based on?
A: All shipments are F.O.B. Factory with freight allowed to your location.
Q: What’s normal delivery time?
A: Our normal delivery time is 2-4 weeks. Rush shipments are available at an additional charge.
Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes we do ship internationally.

Accordion Doors

Q. Are custom made accordion doors returnable?
A: No. Custom-made accordion doors are not returnable. Additionally, we do not offer credit for returned doors as they were made for your specific opening size.
Q. Can I hang an accordion door from my acoustical drop ceiling?
A: No, you will require a supporting member.
Q. What type of supporting member is satisfactory?
A: A suitable wood header, properly secured and stabilized, will do fine for a support.
Q. What are my options if no overhead support is possible?
A: Portable partitions that “sit” on the floor often work great. Portable partitions are also available>.
Q. Suppose I don’t like the color of the Woodfold wood veneer selection. Is it possible to stain it?
A: Yes. We can provide the door unfinished so that you many stain it yourself.
Q. Some Woodfolds are available for curved accordion doors. How do I order this and what is the minimum radius?
A: The track is not provided pre-shaped to a given radius. We provide a curvable I-beam track that may be formed to the curve you desire.Simply take a piece of thick plywood, cut it as a template and bend the track along the edge of the wood. This is easy to do and the track will hold the shape.The minimum recommended radius is 12″.

Q. Can I lock my accordion door?
A: Yes. Both vinyl and wood accordion doors offer one-side and two-side locks.