Starting at $499.00

Convert your existing sliding door into a fully automatic door!


Autoslide - Black
Autoslide – Black
Autoslide - White
Autoslide – White
Activation by wall mounted wireless push button comes in the standard kit
Activation by wall mounted wireless push button comes in the standard kit

Autoslide is an automatic sliding door system which is attached to existing manual free running patio, internal and sliding screen doors, to enable the door to open and close automatically. No more pushing or pulling of the doors.

How does it work?

Autoslide is a compact D.I.Y. system designed to automate patio sliding doors. The system consists of a motor device, electronic controller and low voltage DC power supply encased in an aluminum slim line housing.

The door is then activated by specially designed wall mounted wireless push button, installed on both sides of the opening.

(Infrared sensors are available as an optional extra).

Automatic Pet Door

autoslide-pet-doorNo need for pet doors, the Autoslide eliminates the need for a designated pet door. Your pets can come and go freely without any human assistance, with “Pet Mode” and additional Pet Sensors, you can program Autoslide opening specifically to your pets size.

Sliding screen door

Autoslide fits to almost all sliding screen door, no more flies and mosquitoes entering or kids leaving the screen door open.

Easy access for disabled and elderly

Autoslide improves access for disabled. Family loved ones who live in independent or assisted living. Accessibility for all.

Internal sliding door

Autoslide System will fit to most existing or new internal cavity/pocket sliding doors.

From the garage into the house, or internal bedroom and bathroom sliding doors.

Great for better hygiene applications.

Patio sliding door

Autoslide provides easy access for anyone carrying an armful of goods or entertainment supplies in and out of your home.


Specially designed sensors with the emphasis on safety, for home use only.

Autoslide has developed the state of the art infrared laser sensor. This sensor helps to prevent the closing of the door on objects or persons in the area of the opening when the door is closing.

Pet sensors also available.
Installation Manual and Video

Click here to download the installation manual.