Soft Close Sliding Door Hardware

The popularity of sliding doors for the home has increased substantially in recent years.

One immediate advantage of sliding doors, over swinging doors, is the saving of 15 square feet of floor space per 3 foot opening.

Now Specialty Doors can take sliding doors to the next level.

Our exclusive Soft Close feature is available on sliding doors, and sliding partitions, up to 175 pounds.

This unique feature takes the door panel to a soft and gentle close.

The safety factor of reducing pinch points is huge.

If there are any children in the house, this feature should be mandatory.

Soft Close will control the speed of the door regardless of the force applied.

Imagine a child or adult being upset and slamming a sliding door panel.

We know injuries do occur when doors are slammed. That applies to swinging or sliding doors.

The advantages:

Less noise

Sliding doors with soft closing system should be installed on furniture and in rooms where considerable concentration and quiet are required. In bedrooms, hotel and patient rooms, conference and meeting rooms, offices and barrister’s offices, doctor’s surgeries, care and treatment rooms and the wellness area.

Avoid accidents

Anywhere where small children, old people and/or people in need of care are present, soft closing systems on sliding doors effectively prevent fingers from being trapped in doors. The automatic gentle braking and closing of the door leaves prevents hard collisions, and therefore goes a long way to preventing accidents.

Extremely convenient

Soft closing systems provide additional operating convenience on any sliding door: This means that less force is required to close the doors, and the doors automatically glide gently into the end position. Convenient and safe in any situation.


Hard collisions between sliding doors and the frames and end profiles cause additional wear to running gears, stoppers, tracks, door leaves and door profiles. The self closing mechanism and the soft closing system ensure that the sliding doors are protected and can be used for many years.