Acoustical Sliding Doors

Specialty doors offers sound retarding acoustical sliding doors complete with the proper seals, threshold, and frame for various acoustical applications. Our sound doors have been used for such applications as movie theaters, schools, industrial facilities, recording rooms and more.

We have provided sound reduction doors of all sizes, including sound studios over 30 feet high. Our sound control doors have gained in popularity since home entertainment rooms have been included in many new homes. Our sound tests are conducted by the leading west coast acoustical laboratory and conform to the provisions and requirements of ASTM E90-09. Copies of the sound tests are available upon request.

Our standard size sound doors can be shipped as soon as two weeks after approval. Swinging sound doors can carry up to 54 STC rating and sliding acoustical doors up to 53 STC rating. Both systems are manufactured in the USA and are made with quality materials and craftsmanship.